Get Fit at Home


This training plan is desined for those who don`t have access to the gym or simply prefer working out at home, but still want to have results!

The plan consists of over 40 exercises grouped into 6 different workouts. Each exercise has a modification (easier version) to ensure that people at different fitness levels get the most out of these workouts.

6 WEEK HOME WORKOUT PLAN focuses on resistance training, so if your goal is to build muscle, increase strenght, get fitter, and all that while working out in the comfort of your own home, then this workout plan is for you! :)




- 2 lower body + 2 upper body trainings

- Warm up and cool down routines included

- 40+ exercises with modifications


- 2 core routines



- 45-60 min per workout session

- 20-25 min for core workouts


Equipment needed:

- at least one resistance band (medium level of resistance)

- a pair of kettlebells or dumbbels / adjustable dumbbels (optional)



- beginner

- intermediate





39 €
(VAT incl.)